Dealerships often have on-site service and repair stations for their customers as well as anyone owning a Chevy or other brand associated with the lot. Receiving maintenance from a dealership is often overlooked, and instead those in need of maintenance or repairs go to a chain or local shop. Here are the many reasons one should consider getting Chevrolet service at a Richmond dealership instead.

Specialized Professionals

One of the biggest advantages of getting a Chevy maintained at the dealership is the professional staff they hire. What makes these employees stand apart from other auto repair and maintenance shops is the fact that they are specifically specialized in Chevys, just like the dealership. That means not only that any repair will be done professionally and correctly with the proper training and knowledge for these vehicles, but also that proper maintenance and inspection will help ensure a much longer lifespan for a customer’s vehicle as well as provide safety in knowing that if there is a problem, these professionals will be able to easily spot it and have the knowledge and tools to fix it.

Parts On-Site

Another great advantage of taking a Chevy into the Richmond dealership for a repair is that because it specializes in the brand, the parts needed will almost always be there and ready to use, especially for newer vehicles. This not only means having to potentially let the vehicle sit on the lot for days waiting for a part, but also no extra expenses related to the shipping of parts to the lot. This means a quicker, cheaper, and all around easier repair is in store for anyone taking their vehicle to the dealership.


The one thing on every customer's mind is cost when considering where to get a repair done or any standard maintenance. Although it may seem cheaper to go to chain or perhaps a local shop that seems to charge less, it turns out that getting a Chevrolet serviced at the Richmond dealership can actually be cheaper. Once again, this tends to be because of the fact that the parts are already there and because the dealership is associated with the brand, the cost of these parts tends to be cheaper as a whole. Whether it be maintenance or repair, it can actually be cheaper than chains that claim to be cheap.

All in all, there are many great benefits to going to the dealership rather than a standard repair shop to get a Chevrolet repaired or maintained. From the best professionals who have been trained specifically for work on these vehicles to on-site parts to great prices for quick, quality work, it is a great option to consider.

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