Whether it be a new or used car, a buyer is always looking for ways to save money. The Chevy dealership in Richmond provides a variety of ways to save, ensuring that a buyer gets the best price, no matter the year, make, or model. Here are the best ways to save.


The Chevrolet dealership in Richmond provides a variety of discounts to a variety of hard-working people, as well as those who risk their lives for our country both at home and overseas. There are a variety of vehicles eligible for a great military discount, which applies to anyone who has served or is serving in the military, as well as their spouses. For any college students, grad students, or anyone who has recently graduated, a college discount is offered, which gives the buyer 90 days before they begin making payments. With all the other payments students and graduates have to make, this is a great way to purchase with less worry. Lastly, the Chevy dealership provides what is called the Local Heroes program. This applies to anyone making a difference in the community, including law enforcement, healthcare workers, educators, and fire and rescue workers. A buyer must provide proof of their employment or student status to receive these discounts and can discuss with a salesperson what vehicles are eligible for these great discounts.

Specials and Closeouts

Whether already on the lot or searching online, buyers should always look for the many specials on both new and used cars, which will be getting them an even better price. For buyers in search of a used car, many of these cars will be on special. With an already cheaper price, this means an even greater discount for a car that is still in great condition and of high quality. As for new cars, one of the best things for a buyer to look for are closeout specials. Closeouts are a way to clear space on the lot for more vehicles by discounting surplus new and used model stocks. These discounts can be for thousands of dollars off, sometimes even above ten thousand. This is a fantastic way to save money, especially on new vehicles. Buyers should be aware that these discounts only last as long as the surplus stock does, so if they are considering a closeout vehicle, they should jump on the deal.

Whether it be new or used, there are many great ways to save when buying a Chevrolet and many great ways the company helps provide to hard-working people and students. No matter who the buyer is or what vehicle they are planning to buy, they can surely find a discount to make it even more worth its value than it already is.

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